My heart overflew with imagination, and a bit of it rang out into the world.

And tell me, you who came to me to teach me about a wild future...

That if I'm ever lost again, you'll be here waiting for me.

mary //
setomodachi inquired:
"Mary..." He smiles cheerfully and wraps his arms around her small body in a warm embrace. Letting go for a moment, he gently kisses her forehead and says, "I love you so much... Just remember that I'm always here for you, okay?"

Even though Mary had heard these words from this particular person many times before, it somehow felt… different this time. It felt more weighty, as if the substance of the statement had been changed, but even then, that was just wishful thinking.. 

"I—I love you too, Seto-! I know you’d never leave me." The words spilled out so easily and, after a moment of flustered confusion, she put on her normal smile and leaned forwards to hug him tightly. If she were taller, she’d kiss his cheek or something, but she couldn’t do that. Still, even without returning that show of affection, she felt completely warm and bubbly inside—!

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  • ♥ Samson: And the history books forgot about us. Write a drabble about your muse dying in my muse’s arms, or vice versa.

  • ♥ Cassette Tape: My good friends know that I’ve never tried a boysenberry. Write a drabble about our muses getting to know each other better!

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  • ♥ I Won’t Say (I’m In Love): At least out loud, I won’t say it… Your muse is now incredibly tsundere for the next 4 hours.

  • ♥ Fools: What if we ruin it all and love like fools? My muse is hopelessly in love with [anon decides] for the next day.

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Mary did not go shopping alone, that was a well known fact (at least, in her household), particularly because disaster always seemed to follow whenever she went anywhere alone— the only place that she was completely confident in venturing to by herself was her usual selling spot, but other than that? Nope, she definitely did not have the confidence for that.

Of course, despite her insecurities, there came a time where a person just didn’t have a choice. Since she had the house to herself for the time being with no signs of anyone else coming home soon, Mary couldn’t just wait around for someone to bring home food and cooking supplies. While she didn’t cook as often as she used to when she was younger, she still knew how to fix what she needed to survive on her own and, seeing as no one else was going to do it for a while, she had to take it upon herself to complete the task.. Unfortunately, in order to do that, she actually had to go somewhere and shop.

So! That was what had led the hikikomori outside of the house for a reason other than her personal job. Although she hadn’t been out for very long, the trip to the grocery store had actually led her to feeling quite tired, and as she collected her food supplies (small items like pasta noodles, salad ingredients, and sauce for the noodles), she could feel her energy slipping away…

With those thoughts distracting her, it was only a matter of time before she gave in to her normal clumsy tendencies. As she rounded a corner, her gaze turning towards the aisle instead of watching where she was going, Mary ended up tripping (over absolutely nothing, mind you) and, with that, the contents of her shopping basket went flying— directly towards the nearest person, that is!


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"…Hmm.. Well, I like to work on my flower arrangements, and knitting is nice too! I wonder if my friends and I can all knit together soon… That’d be fun!"


"Yesterday, today, and the day before yesterday,
I had a dream that this vast world was easily crumbled.”

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I’ve been living afraid as well, but what if we could be saved like in a picture book?

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